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The temperatures were amazing; nice and cool, yet not uncomfortable... but somehow, the rain managed to follow me.  I got my second shot at a call up, this time calm, collected, and ... moreconfident. (Thank you LVG 💚)

The field was about 50 deep, including many of the greatest of women’s cycling. The race venue was 8 corners, featuring a short steep climb on the back side and a long drag gradual uphill finish. Wet roads made for a tricky day on an already challenging course.

I was able to take two of the four primes!!

I was just barely off the front by myself when they rang the bell for the first prime, and I convinced myself to stay on the gas for a full lap. You can actually flow through the corners much smoother by staying off the brakes, especially on a wet course with a couple of nervous riders... managed to stay away long enough to take a prize!

The second prime was all about rolling the dice and being the first to jump from the group in the finish straight.

There were a couple of crashes, and they happened in the most technically demanding part of the course: 7th turn headed into the 8th. I got caught up in one, but I wasn't hurt, and was able to get back into the race from the pit with several other riders.

I finished 9th overall, and regret not placing myself towards the front sooner since my legs still felt really good in the finish and I ended up passing a lot of riders but ultimately got boxed in on the right side. Still, ultimately very excited with a top 10 finish in such an elite field!

Wilmington, Delaware Grand Prix was a phenomenal event, and I will definitely be repeating this race in the future!
Report Date:
Saturday, 19 May, 2018